"[15.08.15 22:45:54] BKamakaze: quality chat

[15.08.15 22:46:00] Kuupa: is good

[15.08.15 22:46:02] 128-Up: nothing but the best

[15.08.15 22:46:10] pichu: 10/10

[15.08.15 22:46:12] Kyuu the Lunatic: 11/10

[15.08.15 22:46:29] Kuupa: someone needs to be documenting this pure gold"

Quality chat is perhaps best known for being the single best phrase to describe skypehaus. Aside from that, it may or may not have spawned this wikia which will totally be an actual thing and not die one hour after creation.

Quality chat is a recurring phrase in the haus, usually used after repetition of a certain thing, such as a single word or various emoticons.

Derivatives Edit

-quality. written in bold.

-Any rating (i.e. 12/10)

-"quailty" spawned from a typo by pholtos.